Professional Conferences

Annual conferences offered by professional organizations and associations provide important educational and networking opportunities for Walden University’s doctoral students.

The professional conferences listed below are not sponsored or produced by Walden University. They have been recommended by the leadership of each college to satisfy the requirement for Residency 4.

PhD students who wish to replace Residency 4 with a professional conference must register with Walden to receive residency credit for the conference, as well as register separately through the professional organization hosting the conference. Students may only register for a conference within their discipline of study.

Prerequisite for a Professional Conference Residency

To attend a professional conference residency as a replacement for Residency 4, students must already have attended at least two Walden residencies and started work at the prospectus level. Students do not need to have completed Residency 3.

Steps to Completing a Professional Conference Residency

To complete a residency at a Walden-endorsed professional conference, students must

  • Register for the conference as a residency (via myWalden university portal).
  • Register with the professional organization for its conference. The conference must be within the students' discipline of study to receive academic credit.
  • Attend the conference.
  • Attend required meetings held with Walden faculty members at the conference (usually in the evenings after the conference sections).
  • Successfully complete all required assignments relating to the professional conference and Residency 4 learning outcomes.
  • If a student desires to register for multiple professional conference residencies in a given term, the second residency must be requested via email:

For Academic Year in Residence (AYR) Students

Please note that for AYR students in clinical, counseling, and school psychology, Walden residencies at professional conferences need to be approved as part of each student’s Academic Year in Residence. Attending the professional conferences is in addition to completing Residencies during the second week for each of their approved two-week residencies.

Cancellation Policy

The Academic Residencies Team reserves the right to cancel a professional conference residency within six weeks of the conference if enrollment does not meet the minimum requirements established by Walden University.

If the professional conference residency is cancelled, the Walden residency fee will be refunded. However, Walden is not responsible for and cannot refund any fees or expenses associated with attending the professional organization's conference.

Disabilities Accommodations Requests

Students with disabilities requesting accommodations at professional conferences, not directly sponsored by Walden University, should arrange for those accommodations with the conference organizers as part of the conference registration process.   To the extent students experience any challenges in making such arrangements, they should contact Walden’s Office of Disabilities Services ( at least several weeks prior to the start of the professional conference for assistance in coordinating these accommodation requests with the conference organizers.

Scheduled Professional Conferences

Information regarding and registration for upcoming professional conferences recommended for Residency 4 are available through the myWalden University portal. Dates of recommended professional conferences can be obtained by contacting your Academic Advisor.


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