DBA Residencies

By participating in a Walden residency, you’ll gain skills that are important in your development as a scholar-practitioner. Through your residency experience, you can expand your network of peers and faculty members while you develop critical-thinking, research, and writing skills. You will attend two residencies to complete your program requirements.

Residency 1
Residency 1 orients you to the program, providing a program overview and discussions relating to your doctoral study capstone project. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with peers, faculty members, and academic and other staff advisors.

  • Timing: Complete residency 1 face-to-face as soon as you begin your program (while taking DDBA 8006 or DDBA 8151); should be taken within 90 days of completing your Foundations course DDBA 8006.
  • Format: Seminars and college colloquia

Residency 2
Residency 2 focuses on strategies to help you with the completion of your doctoral study and capstone project.

  • Timing: Complete residency 2 face-to-face just prior to the start or during the first few weeks of DDBA 8991.
  • Format: Seminars and college colloquia

Doctoral Study Intensive

  • Timing: Optional: Complete a DBA Doctoral Study Intensive retreat face-to-face during DBA 8100 or DBA 9000. Contact Academic Advising to register.
  • Format: Seminars and college colloquia

Learn more about goals and outcomes for the D.B.A. residencies.


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Support When You Need It

Residencies provide you with support at strategic points in your academic journey. Watch Now

Plenary Speakers

Marc and Craig Kielburger, co-founders of the nonprofit organization Free The Children, spoke at the Atlanta residency in September. View their plenary session.