Residency Experience

My Residency Experience

“Online learning gave me the opportunity to interact with peers from all over the world. The residencies had the greatest impact on my relationships with faculty and fellow students.” — Amy Storch, Ph.D. in Psychology, Health Psychology specialization

“At your residency, you finally get to meet everyone in person and have the opportunity to develop long-term friendships. The residencies complete your learning experience at Walden.” — Praveen Chopra, Ph.D. in Psychology, Clinical Psychology specialization

“My residency experience has been unique and beneficial. The seminars were outstanding. The experience of meeting other students and professors has been tremendous.” — Vaneia Williams, Ed.D., Administrator Leadership for Teaching and Learning specialization

“Walden residencies allowed me to experience another side of distance learning. At residencies, I had the opportunity to build friendships and pursue new knowledge through face-to-face meetings with faculty and colleagues.”  — Sandra Wenzel, Ph.D. in Education, Special Education specialization

“The most impactful experiences I have had at residencies—besides meeting colleagues from all over the world—are the program group projects. The Hawaii and Costa Rica events provided me with the opportunity to do activities that continue to impact my current work.” — Regina Hutchins-Goodwin, Ph.D. in Public Health Student

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